Still using Nanfu? New rechargeable battery, 4 batteries+1 trailer, 4 charging lines, as long as less than 40 yuan

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In our daily life, batteries are absolutely essential supplies

Whether it is adults, children, indoor or outdoor, or winter or summer, we will always use the battery.

In particular, No. 5 and No. 7 batteries are commonly used. Many remote controllers, shavers, electric toys, massage machines, smart locks, scales and other household appliances require these two types of batteries.

In particular, children's electric toys, which consume a lot of batteries, will need to be replaced with a set of batteries soon after playing.

Therefore, many families with children often prepare several batteries to prevent the battery from running out when children play.

However, with the increasing use of batteries, many parents will also find that it is too wasteful to use batteries once and buy batteries once. It is not only a waste of batteries, but also a waste of money. More often, the money for batteries can even buy new electric toys for children, which is really not worth it.

Even if it is often seen in TV advertisements, Nanfu, who is said to be able to use one section as six sections, will be laid off with honor before long.

What should I do? After all, the price of a Nanfu toy is about 3 yuan. Many toys start with 4 battery slots, which cost 12 yuan at a time. I always feel like a big spender when I buy too much

But now we don't have to worry about this, because we can choose to recharge the battery. At this point, a friend may be dismissive: "It's just a rechargeable battery. I used it, but it's not easy to use. It will self discharge after a long time. I also need to buy a charger. A five piece set will cost more than 100, which is troublesome and expensive. It's better than a disposable battery."

If you think so, you will be totally wrong.

Because the USB rechargeable battery of Lianguang is different from the rechargeable battery in our traditional impression. It is not only convenient to use, does not need an additional charger, but can be used when plugged in a USB, and has no memory effect, small self discharge, and can be stored for a long time. The most important thing is that the price is not expensive, and the cost performance ratio is even higher.

A single 5-size AA type rechargeable lithium USB battery costs only 9 yuan, and the price is less than 40 yuan, even if three and four charging cables are added!

At first glance, you may think it is a little expensive. You can buy 3 ordinary batteries at the same price under the same conditions. However, the USB rechargeable battery can be used more than 3 times, but 1200 times!

In terms of conversion, it is less than one cent at a time! Is there anything more affordable? Would you consider buying one?

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