Leading a new chapter in future science and technology? Will rechargeable batteries dominate the market?

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Recently, research by some research institutions shows that lithium ion batteries will become a key technology in the next decade, and will become the second largest commodity in the world.

By 2025, the market size of lithium ion battery will reach about 40 billion dollars.

This prediction has caused a lot of discussion in the circle, because according to the data, the capacity of Asian battery manufacturers will now account for 83% of the global battery capacity, far more than that of any other country or region.

In addition to the policies and measures being actively taken by China today, we can boldly guess that China's battery manufacturers will occupy a considerable position on the international stage in the future. As a result, it can not help but trigger some more in-depth thinking, that is, what kind of lithium-ion battery will have greater demand and occupy more market share in the future?

In order to know the answer to this question, we have to mention a new emerging technology product - rechargeable batteries, especially rechargeable batteries that can be quickly recharged, which is the direction that many innovative companies are striving for.

It is also the public's desire to use more safe, faster and more efficient batteries. It is a beautiful vision of the future world. Who doesn't want to live in a world where it doesn't need to spend too much time and money to charge? The characteristics of rechargeable battery are not only the efficient utilization and recyclability of electric energy, but also its development potential, market prospects and high competitiveness.

However, such products with technology research and technological development as their core competitiveness generally have very high requirements for manufacturers.

To sum up, it seems that we can draw the conclusion that in the future, rechargeable batteries will occupy a considerable share in the market because they meet the public expectations and the inevitable trend of technological development. However, because of the high requirements for manufacturers and R&D, it is more likely that most of the market shares will be controlled by higher quality manufacturers. Because having higher quality products means having stronger competitiveness, which will naturally be more accepted and favored by the public.

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