Which is more cost-effective for household use, rechargeable battery or ordinary battery?

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In our daily family life, we often need to be careful in order to ensure that our daily expenses will not be overspent and the family expenses will be controlled within an acceptable range, and this behavior of controlling costs and converting amounts will generally appear in the hands of the people who hold the financial power in the family.

It is also because of this that there is a saying: "You don't know the price of fuel and rice unless you are in charge."

Whether your family is rich in millions or tens of millions, or earning 3000 or 5000 yuan a month, controlling costs is a compulsory course for the rich in every family. Only if you can accurately control the cost, know how much money should be spent, where it should be spent, whether it is worth spending, and what is the meaning of spending, can the family's economic situation be maintained.

Only by maintaining the family's economic condition can we ensure that our next life and future life will be prosperous. Therefore, in some places where money can be saved, we must not be vague.

For example, in the choice of household batteries, many people are accustomed to buying disposable dry batteries. On the one hand, people are more accustomed to buying disposable dry batteries for use because they have gone through the era of television advertising. After all, we started to do this a few years ago or even a decade ago, and there seems to be no harm in maintaining the original state.

On the other hand, it is because many people do not realize that for a family, such a small and inexpensive product as battery will cause problems.

Let's make a rough calculation. According to the calculation of 3 yuan for a battery, the electric toy needs at least 6 pieces, massage instrument, TV remote control, air conditioner remote control, mouse, keyboard, razor, electric toothbrush and doorbell need 2 pieces each. It needs to be replaced every 3 months. A family of 3 people will cost hundreds of yuan a year.

If the number of people is large or the consumption is large, even thousands of yuan will be consumed. Now do you still think it doesn't matter?

Therefore, instead of spending more money every year, it is better to replace it with a USB rechargeable battery that can be recycled for more than a thousand times. The money saved can also be used to buy new clothes, delicious, fun or electronic devices, which is not more delicious!

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