Industry secret: Most rechargeable batteries now come from the same manufacturer? What is a foundry?

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Has everyone heard of the word "agent factory"? Do you know what it means?

As many people may know, a OEM factory, in short, refers to a factory that produces OEM products. In other words, it refers to a factory that, within a reasonable and legal range, provides products not manufactured by the brand's own subordinate factories to the brand, and assigns elements such as the brand logo, name, and characters to the products.

Generally speaking, this type of OEM factory can be roughly divided into two types. One type is the so-called OEM factory that we are familiar with in our daily life, and to some extent, there is a bit of "deceitful and deceitful nature".

This type of factory usually communicates and makes agreements with a well-known or highly recognized brand. After the factory produces products, it sells them in the name of the brand, and the brand side charges fees. The factory uses the brand's Dongfeng to sell goods. Once the consumer does not buy, it changes to a "leather case" and continues the previous operation.

Most of the products produced by such factories have different quality, and quality control is difficult to grasp, which can easily leave a bad impression on consumers and become what people call "branded" goods.

The other type of foundry is very formal, and the reason for becoming a foundry is more due to the excellent quality of its own products. Therefore, it will be favored by one or more brand parties and selected as a foundry. This way, the brand party can directly utilize existing equipment and technology, coupled with brand effects, to operate and obtain benefits without having to build redundant production lines themselves.

This is a profitable thing for investors, operators, brands, and even factories.

Investors, operators, and brands made money, and factories received more orders, making money.

So who lost? At a glance, consumers who are superstitious about brand effects.

Just like in the current rechargeable battery industry, many products that appear to be highly renowned, professional, and expensive are actually produced by a foundry, with the same quality and materials.

"I just wear different coats, and the final value varies greatly. Needless to say, everyone knows the truth between this.".

Therefore, when purchasing products such as rechargeable batteries, it is in our best interests not to be superstitious about brands, but to have an eye for gold, know what to buy, and how to buy.

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