Does it take 12 hours to charge the No. 7 rechargeable battery for the first time?

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In recent years, rechargeable batteries have risen rapidly against the backdrop of traditional disposable dry batteries, becoming popular across the country in a very short period of time and becoming a new favorite among consumers

Not only the TV remote control, air conditioning remote control and electronic doorbell at home have been replaced with rechargeable batteries, but also the batteries of the children's electric toys, the family's electric toothbrush, the electric shaver, the electric massage instrument, the wireless mouse, the keyboard and so on have been replaced with USB charging.

Convenient to use, there's no need to worry about running out of power when needed. After all, modern society has entered the 1920s, and who doesn't have a USB port in their home? Buying one can cycle and charge for thousands of times, which is a great deal even when you think about it with your knees.

Thanks to the advantages of USB rechargeable batteries, more and more friends who are still using traditional batteries are also feeling tempted. They want to buy one or even a few sets to replace their home batteries and get rid of the dilemma of having to go to the supermarket to "purchase" at any time.

But perhaps because many people are the first to come into contact with rechargeable batteries, many friends may have the question, is it necessary to charge a USB rechargeable battery for 12 hours when we first use it? Is that a bit too long?

Actually, everyone doesn't need to worry too much about this issue.

Because if you are using a newly purchased USB rechargeable battery for the first time, you only need to fully charge the battery and then it can be used normally, without the need for continuous charging for such a long time.

Especially for USB rechargeable batteries produced by some more formal and reliable manufacturers, they are actually fully charged when they enter the market, and this step can be omitted for direct use, which can be considered by consumers.

Of course, just in case, and also because the current rechargeable battery market is mixed and difficult to distinguish, it is best to fully charge the newly purchased rechargeable battery before using it.

This not only prolongs the service life of the battery, but also improves its efficiency, which is equivalent to improving the practicality of rechargeable batteries in disguised form, taking their cost-effectiveness to another level.

Anyway, it also needs to be used. A simple behavior with so many benefits, why not do it?

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