Which is better: rechargeable battery, lithium battery or nickel metal hydride?

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In today's society, no matter when we are working, living or traveling, we can not do without the use of batteries. However, a large number of waste batteries bring environmental hazards.

When they realized this, many people began to choose to use recyclable rechargeable batteries.

Because the use of recyclable rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries, it is not only more environmentally friendly and less harmful to the environment, but also its recyclable use features enable it to be used in more use cases and scenarios, and its cost performance is higher than that of traditional disposable batteries.

Today, lithium battery and nickel metal hydride battery are the most popular types of rechargeable batteries in the market. Which of the two types of rechargeable batteries has higher cost performance and better use experience?

1、 NiMH battery:

1. Advantages:

It has better environmental protection performance and longer service life. Under normal circumstances, it can be used for 300-500 times. At the same time, the memory effect is far lower than that of nickel cadmium battery, especially the storage capacity, which is 30% more than that of nickel cadmium battery;

2. Disadvantages:

① The self discharge rate is high, that is to say, it will consume electricity even when it is not used, that is, it will still be affected by the memory effect;

② It has memory. If the battery is stored for a long time, it will age. Therefore, before reusing the battery, it needs to be charged and discharged for many times to solve the problem of memory effect.

2、 Lithium battery:

1. Advantages:

① The charging speed is fast. Generally, it only takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge a battery, while the charging speed of NiMH battery is much slower;

② Price, the cost of lithium battery is decreasing year by year, so the price is more advantageous than nickel hydrogen battery;

③ With high energy density, the number of charging cycles can reach more than 1000, while the self discharge rate is only 2% - 5% per month;

2. Disadvantages:

The low temperature performance of lithium battery is poor. If it is a battery pack, its service life will be relatively short, generally about 500 times.

To sum up, considering multiple use environments, lithium batteries perform better in terms of ease of use, service life and charging speed, which have a greater impact on the use experience. Therefore, lithium batteries will be more suitable for our daily use.

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